For the majority of people in this country, Guinea Pigs, dogs, cats and countless other animals make for great pets and make great additions to any home.  Almost all homes in Britain have some form of pet and the pet trade is big business.

Over the next few pages this website will aim to take you through some of the more popular animals which make good domestic pets in the U.K and talk you through the basics which you will need to know if you are thinking of bringing a pet into your family.

However, it’s not all exciting; we also need to look at the rather more mundane areas which are involved with looking after your pet.  Vets bills are incredibly high, not that surprising when you consider the delicate and highly skilled work which they regularly have to perform, and so you will need to ensure that your pet is insured should the worst happen to it.

Nobody wants to be faced with the heartbreaking decision of whether to put a pet down or bankrupt themselves paying for treatment; comprehensive pet insurance is a way of avoiding these problems.

You also need to ensure that your pet, if you get it from birth, is properly immunised against the outside world and, for certain pets though not all, third party liability insurance will also need to be considered.

It might be boring but, if you get the basics right from the very start of your relationship with your pet, you will be able to rest assured that, for the rest of your pet’s life, you can simply concentrate on having fun and enjoying the company an animal companion provides.

The varying personalities of people mean that there are a number of different pets which people decide to have; we don’t have space to cover them all on this website but, if you are after something which is perhaps a little bit more unusual then you can always talk to specialist traders and also do your own research.

The more exotic and unusual a pet, the more expensive equipment and food will likely be and the more care and attention they will probably need. So, as long as you aren’t allergic to fur, let’s get pet shopping!